The Zulu Royal Warrant Certification System was established in 2014 and represents individuals and companies holding Zulu Royal Warrants of Certification. These are a mark of recognition of those who have supplied goods or services for at least five years to the Royal Household of Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini and his Chief Advisor.

Royal Warrant Certification demonstrates excellence in service and quality and is a highly prized designation. Certified brands and companies are united by their commitment to the highest standards of service, quality and excellence.

There are three types of Zulu Royal Warrant Certification:

(1)    “Proudly” Zulu

Goods and services provided by native Zulus are eligible for certification under the Zulu Royal Warrant System. Zulus around the globe may apply for this certification if their products and services are made or provided entirely by Zulus.

(2)    Goods and Services Certified as Highest Quality by the Zulu King

Those goods and services which strive to consistently achieve the highest standards of excellence are eligible to apply for the “Highest Quality” certification. These are goods and services which are worthy of consideration by the Zulu Royal Household. Providers of these goods and services may apply for certification at any time.

(3)    Official Supplier of Goods and Services to the King

Those companies and individuals whom have supplied goods and services to the King’s household for five years or more may apply for the “Official Supplier” Royal Warrant certification. These goods and services will undoubtedly meet the highest standards of excellence to suit his majesty.

How Zulu Royal Warrants are Granted

Royal warrants are typically granted for a period of five years to a named individual whom is the Chief Executive Officer, President, or Owner of the business. This Grantee is responsible for ensuring that the Zulu Royal Warrant is displayed and used correctly. Holders of Zulu Royal Warrants may display their Zulu Royal Warrant Seal of Approval on products, packaging, advertisements, vehicles, buildings, and on their written and virtual correspondence.

Renewal and Post-Grant Review of Zulu Royal Warrant Certification

Zulu Royal Warrant holders must apply for renewal of their seal of approval in the one year period prior to the expiry of their Zulu Royal Warrant. In this renewal process, the companies and individuals must provide evidence of the goods and services they have supplied to the Royal Household over the past five years. Royal Warrants are automatically subject to review if the Grantee dies or leaves the business, if the company is liquidated or sold, or if the company name is changed.

The Zulu Royal Warrant Holders Association

The elite group of Zulu Royal Warrant holders plays an essential role in developing and preserving the Zulu heritage and culture for future generations. Many Zulu Royal Warrant holders are located in Kwazulu-Natal, the land that the Zulus have called home for centuries. This network provides companies with a sense of community and opportunity for collaboration.