His Royal Highness King Goodwill Zwelethini has created Zulu IP Holdings to hold, manage, protect and develop the cultural heritage and intellectual property rights of the Zulu people. The intent is to harness the latent value of the Zulu heritage, protect it and create value. The success of Zulu commercialization efforts, namely the Bayede! Brand, has created new revenue streams and empowered Zulu beadworkers. The King now plans to accredit suppliers of Zulu services and goods who meet a certain standard or whom supply the Royal Household. This system, not unlike the Royal Warrant system adopted by the British Monarchy, will not only elevate the status of those suppliers but protect the Zulu brand and heritage for future generations. The Zulu nation is renowned for its strength, courage and fortitude. This is personified by the many elements of the Zulu brand which are used, often without license or control, to market goods and services ranging from television to theme parks and airports.

“It’s not necessarily about extracting money; it’s about creating an understanding by those who market their goods that certain standards have to be met if goods or services are linked to the Zulu nation” says HM king Goodwill adding that “we are interested in quality products that benefit of our people.”

This initiative is not only good for the Zulus but for the South African economy too. Not unlike the British Monarchy, the allure of the Zulu nation attracts tourism and investment to South Africa which benefits all. The King has appointed former High Court Judge Gerome Ngwenya, Ben and Antoinette Vermooten who successfully launched Bayede! brand and  Intellectual Property expert and strategist Darren Olivier of Adams & Adams, to harness, protect and develop Zulu IP Holdings to the benefit of his people. The management company is Zulu IP Management.