Zulu IP Management represents the intellectual property interests of the Zulu Nation.

The intent is to harness the value of the Zulu heritage, protect it and create value. The success of Zulu commercialization efforts, namely the Bayede! Brand, has created new revenue streams and empowered Zulu beadworkers. The King now plans to accredit suppliers of Zulu services and goods who meet a certain standard or whom supply the Royal Household.

Protecting the Zulu Cultural Heritage

Zulus are industrious and have commercialized wine and spirits, clothing, shoes, beadwork, jewelry, and products representing the Zulu nation. Bayede! (translated from Zulu to English to mean “Hail the King!”) is the name of the first African royal brand. Bayede! produces and sells products internationally. Bayede! efforts help create jobs, alleviate poverty, and develop leadership within the Zulu Nation.

The Zulu nation is renowned for its strength, courage and fortitude. This is personified by the many elements of the Zulu brand which are used, often without license or Zulu control, to market goods and services ranging from television to theme parks and airports.

As one might expect, others around the globe currently capitalize on the Zulu brand, image and reputation. Our mission is to protect and, when necessary, reclaim ownership rights, to the Zulu brand, tradition, culture, and heritage so that it may be preserved for future generations.