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Zulu IP Management represents the intellectual property interests of the Zulu Nation. The intent is to harness the value of the Zulu heritage, protect it and create value. The success of Zulu commercialization efforts, namely the Bayede! Brand, has created

What is Zulu IP?

The Zulu Nation claims ownership to its native words, phrases, events, famous rulers, and traditional knowledge. Those interested in using Zulu traditional knowledge to market goods and services should contact Zulu IP Management atĀ info@zuluipmanagement.com. Listed below are some items to

The Zulu Nation

Historically, the Zulu nation, native to South Africa, was revered as a nation of fierce warriors and thrived under the rule of King Shaka in the early 1800s. Just before the turn of the 20th century, Zululand was invaded by

"Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu" - "To be human is to affirm one's humanity by recognising the humanity of others in its infinite variety of content and form"

Van Der Merwe 1996:1

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